Southern Utah

Adopt a Waterway

The City of Saint George has created and requested assistance in a program called, “Southern Utah Adopt a Waterway.”  The program is targeting our local waterways with combined efforts including citizens, volunteer groups and municipalities.  The goal is to enhance our local river system by smaller organized/sponsored clean-up efforts. It is similar to the State’s, “Adopt a Highway” Program. 


Santa Clara has joined this program to enhance and beautify the Santa Clara River/Tuacahn Wash areas within our city limits.  Santa Clara has been divided into several sections for clean-up.  There are 7 sections within the Santa Clara River, 9 sections within the Tuacahn Wash, and 3 sections within the Lava Ridge Wash.  We are looking for volunteer groups to adopt these sections of river within our city.  


Groups will meet a minimum of two times a year for two years once signed up.  However, each waterway adoption can be tailored for each group.  If groups want to adopt more than one waterway or would like a shorter or longer section, we can tailor their experience.  Groups who participate can qualify for trail signs with their names/logos, as well as possible community service press release. 


For further information on the “Southern Utah Adopt a Waterway” Program, click on the link below: