Summer Water News

Articles by: Washington County Conservancy District

Summer Fun Has Begun

Thanks to a snowy winter, reservoir water levels are high. Here are a few tips to keep water in our reservoirs: Save it for a dry day: only water landscapes as needed; no more than 4X a week for lawns and 3X a week for drip systems. Hand water dry spots. Recreate responsibly: Our reservoirs are some of the state’s most visited parks—and for good reason! Check park policies and rules before visiting, recreate responsibly and help keep everyone safe. Keep it clean: Our reservoirs store your drinking water. When visiting, please clean up all trash and pet waste and report oil or fuel spills.

Free Landscape Workshops

Workshops begin at 10 a.m. and typically last one hour
Sat, June 24: Desert Succulents; in-person and online
Sat, July 8: Herbs; bring a chair or blanket to sit on Sat, July 15: Pest Control, in-person and online

How Long Should I Water?

Struggling to keep your lawn healthy this summer? WELP can help!

The district’s Water Efficient Landscape Program (WELP) pays homeowners up to $2 per square foot when you upgrade thirsty grass to water efficient landscaping. Every square foot of grass converted to water-efficient landscaping saves approximately 45 gallons of water a year. That’s a lot of water! 
If you’re only walking on the lawn when you’re pushing the lawn mower, consider replacing the grass with colorful, water-smart landscapes. You’ll save water, money and time on yard work for years to come. Visit for details.