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Utah Launches Nation’s First Statewide Grass Replacement Incentive Program, Kicks Off New Campaign

Utah residents are being paid to replace grass with water-efficient landscaping, as announced at the May 1 press event hosted by Utah Governor Spencer Cox, Utah Department of Natural Resources and the state’s four largest water conservancy districts, including Washington County. Utah is the first state in the nation to offer this program statewide.The “Grass Doesn’t Belong Everywhere” campaign was also debuted at the press event, which encourages Utahns to be thoughtful with how grass is used in landscapes. Kicking off the campaign is a commercial featuring Governor Cox, which is available to view here.Information on Washington County’s Water Efficient Landscape Program is available online at wcwcd.org.

Ease into Irrigating

With plenty of rain and snow this year, our landscapes need less water. Gradually ease into irrigating with the cycle & soak and low & slow methods. Lawns: The cycle and soak method of sprinkler watering on lawns allows water to soak deep into the soil creating healthy roots and eliminating runoff.

  • Run 3 cycles per watering day
  • 1 hour between each cycle
  • 5 minutes for a fixed spray or 10 minutes for a rotating spray
  • Monitor and adjust as needed

Drip irrigation: Drip low and slow to allow plants, trees and shrubs to be watered directly at the root systems using a low pressure for a longer period of time.

Water based on your drip emitter’s rate of flow:

  • 20 – 40 minutes for high-flow emitters
  • 30 – 90 minutes for low-flow emitters

For additional landscape watering tips, visit wcwcd.org.

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