2023 SLURRY SEAL PROJECT: Begins 4/28/23

Santa Clary Slurry Seal Project:  Commencing this week, 4/28/23

Morgan Pavement will begin the Slurry Seal process throughout Santa Clara City on 4/28/23 and continue through 5/10/23.  Dates provided are tentative and subject to change. Morgan Pavement will provide door-hangers 48-hours in advance to notify affected residents.  Click HERE to see a map of streets affected.  Streets are color-coded to show tentative dates asphalt maintenance will be taking place.  Click HERE to see the calendar and street names.

What is Slurry Seal?

Slurry is a laboratory designed mixture of asphalt emulsion, aggregate, mineral filler, water and other additives accurately proportioned, mixed, and uniformly spread over a properly prepared surface. Slurry is made in specially designed equipment, that carries a quantity of unmixed materials which are blended together in a continuous flow pugmill. The use of this technologically advanced machinery insures a smooth, consistently uniform mixture.

Why Use Slurry Seal?

Once applied, slurry forms a new durable and frictional weather resistant wear surface over the old pavement for maximum protection. The surface can be reopened to traffic within a few hours. Slurry seal is today’s choice in highly durable, cost effective, pavement maintenance. 

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